How to choose a Wedding Photographer?

English: Wedding photography with a photojourn...Wedding planning can be a tedious and daunting task. It’s the most important special day and the wedding will live on in the photographs you get.

What do you do when you look for a wedding photographer? Is the price the first thing you look at? Is it the photos? Is it the albums? Their profile picture? Their industry affiliations?

Obviously there are hundreds listed everywhere, everyone with a camera calls themselves a photographer nowadays. Some will do a good job, some will use being cheap as an excuse to give you amateurish photos, while others have no idea that their sample images all have purple skin on everyone. Go on Some will even pay you back to be at your wedding! Is that who you want for your big day?

Decide what style traditional / candid / glamour you like. Do they do more indoor or outdoor weddings? Would you prefer a photographer who claims to do all of these styles, or someone who specialises in one style and their portfolio shows it? What level of service do you want? You may only want 1 hour at the ceremony, but is a photographer going to travel all the way for 1 hour work? Should you be worried if they’re that keen? Or maybe you want an epic 16 hour day. Will the photographer still be doing good work at the end of that day?

English: Bride, wedding photographyMost professional photographers offer albums and prints. Big canvases or frames. Some may offer a set of jpg images too. Obviously a lot of work goes into the jpg images so don’t expect great images as well as many images. Some photographers provide 200-500 images for a day. Others offer 2000-4000. In reality if you get 4000 images, they won’t be processed. In addition you’ll be getting many copies of the same scene with minute differences. You’re not going to sit through a 4000 image slideshow with your family. That’s just being lazy, instead of selecting the best 500 images of your day they just dump everything on you and pretend they’re giving you value.

Why is wedding photography so expensive it’s often asked. Professional photographers work over 100 hours on your images, buy the required liability insurance in case something goes wrong, and carry over $20000 of camera gear. Most photographers will end up making less than minimum wage for the first years of their career. Cheaper amateur photographers may be photographing your day with $1000 of gear and not doing any editing at all. May as well just hand out a few compact cameras for your guests to use!

Also ask about their online portfolio. The portfolio will show a variety of different poses from previous weddings. But the portfolio doesn’t always belong to that photographer! Some studios hire freelancers so that photographer may be long gone. Even worse some sites such as sydphotos are actually photography forums, and all the ‘online portfolio pics’ are just member photos, 99% of whom are not and never were employed by the studio. So be sure to ask whose photos those are and who¬† will be there on your day.