How to choose a place for engagement photos

A bride and a groom kiss.

What is the best way to find a place for some memorable and amazing engagement photos? Usually when you look for a wedding photographer before you look for one you probably want to do some engagement photos anyway. Whether you want to take them using a wedding dress or in casual clothes, or even wearing some formal dresses, you can find any photographer and choose any place to do it.

It’s a great idea to do some engagement photos in a wedding dress because you can show it as part of your wedding album, and it will look like it’s part of the same series of images. Plus you don’t have to do it on your wedding day, which is surely stressful enough and you can’t check the weather etc.

Bride and groom skydiving into their wedding party

You may have a bright idea, like this couple paragliding. Doing it as an engagement photo session means if you don’t get it right the 1st time you can do it again. OK so you probably don’t want to do that, but well nobody can control the weather and wind for something like paragliding so if you want these photos then you would be wise to have a backup plan.

So how do you choose a place then? The best thing is to keep and eye out whenever you are outside. Whenever you go to a new place, restaurant, shops, markets, a park, think whether it would be nice to have photos taken there. A professional photographer will have suggestions for you, but what is better than somewhere unique you really like and have one of a kind for yourself? Remember to take photos with your phone around the place so the photographer can have an idea how it works with the style of photos you want.