Never say ‘Just’

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You should never say ‘just’ when hiring a photographer. Because just doesn’t mean what you think it means. A common enquiry is

How much to just take some photos of the wedding and reception?

What are you actually asking? ‘Just’ take some photos, and leave your professionalism, skills and technique at the door? The very things you selected the photographer out of hundreds for?

You want them to use their skills to give you the same great results. You don’t ‘just’ want a guy with a camera clicking a button. You could have asked your guests to do that!

There’s no middle gear for professional photographers. They’re either doing their best, or not doing it at all. Yes some cheap photographers can give you middling quality photos, that’s not because they’re using middle gear for your middle range price, that’s the best they can do.

Other places you shouldn’t say ‘just’:

  • Restaurant: We’re not going to order today, could you ‘just’ give us the receipe to this dish?
  • Taxi: Since you don’t have a fare right now, could you ‘just’ take us down the road a bit?
  • Plumber: Could you ‘just’ come over have a look at this blockage, you don’t need to fix it, ‘just’ teach us to do it? (for free)
  • Magician: Nah we don’t want to watch your show, could you ‘just’ tell us how you do it?

After all, is this the type of photo you want?