Venue – WatervieW in Bicentennial Park

Bicentennial Park, Homebush BayAt WatervieW in Bicentennial Park, Olympic Park, you can have the dream wedding you’ve always wanted. Not only is it a great venue, but because it’s in Olympic Park, you get the outside area featuring a stunning landscape of parklands, ponds, and lakes for your before and after photos. You get the parking for your wedding party outside the restaurant Bel Parco. You can have an indoors ceremony area in case of weather, or use the amazing outside if the sun is out.

With a very organised and professional management team, the efficient staff will make the reception and ceremony run smoothly and easy from start to finish. The roof is a little low, so for the reception it’s a little unusual but it’s also great because of the motor controlled blinds the whole scene is perfect for any occasion. You have a selection of menus for the guests and there’s a room for the bridal party to prepare and rest, although it’s a bit hard to get to, you have to walk through the kitchen and up some narrow stairs to get there.

Sometimes you have to worry about bike hire people in the park wandering into the venue wondering what is happening. Outside you can hire out some of the grassland, but then you will still have some people around, it is Olympic Park after all a very popular place on weekends and weekdays.


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